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Kudzu vine extract for alcohol treatment Non 12 Step Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

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In fact Keung et al. demonstrated a direct correlation between ALDH-2 inhibition and ethanol intake suppression and raise the possibility that daidzin may in fact suppress ethanol intake of golden hamsters by inhibiting ALDH-2. However, this effect by daidzin is not like a classical ALDH-2 inhibitor because it does not also inhibit the cytosolic form, of liver ALDH-1, which is a very efficient catalyst of acetaldehyde oxidation. Thus daidzin can suppress ethanol intake of this species without blocking acetaldehyde metabolism. Kudzu is an ancient Chinese herbal supplement that is said to reduce alcohol cravings. It is the only natural supplement that is recognized by the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Several peer-reviewed studies demonstrated that supplementation with kudzu can lead to a decrease in alcohol consumption in individuals considered to be heavy alcohol consumers.

Researchers selected people who said they regularly consumed three to four drinks per day. Although I’m sure it would have helped me detoxify, I did not use kudzu after I quit drinking.

The Importance of AUD Treatment

Valerian extract may lessen withdrawal symptoms and facilitate return to a normal sleep pattern following prolonged use of benzodiazepines such as clonazepam and lorazepam. The findings of animal studies show that Valerian in doses of 12mg per kilogram attenuates withdrawal symptoms in diazepam-dependent rats . Prescription drugs such as Antabuse , Campral and ReVia have been used to discourage alcohol consumption. You should talk to your physician or an alcohol abuse specialist to find out the best approach in your situation.

kudzu root for alcohol cravings

The plant is a trailing vine that often grows over other plants and trees. That’s a period where you don’t drink so your body can begin recovering. Alcohol use disorder has also been linked to a higher kudzu root for alcohol cravings risk of several cancers, including colon, breast, oral, liver, and throat cancers. A 2017 research review did not find that this therapy was more effective than other forms of relapse prevention.

Natural Epigenetic-Modifying Molecules in Medical Therapy

Kudzu’s alteration of alcohol consumption may be through direct effects at brain benzodiazepine receptors on the GABAA complex. All of the above mentioned mechanisms, with the exception of a disulfiram-like one, require repeated administration and time to develop. Since consuming alcohol while taking kudzu extract is not aversive, another explanation is necessary to account for the extremely fast onset of action observed in the present study. The most obvious is one that involves alcohol pharmacokinetics. The correlational analysis of absolute amount of alcohol consumed and breath alcohol levels in this study indicates that the physiological effects and the rate of elimination of ingested alcohol are not altered by kudzu administration.

While kudzu root has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine, people most often use it to help treat alcohol dependence. It may also have other benefits, such as for menopausal symptoms. There is some evidence that kudzu root dietary supplements may cause liver injury. One study in mice found that taking 10 mg per day of kudzu root extract for 4 weeks caused liver toxicity . One small study looked at the effects of kudzu in 17 men ages 21–33 who reported drinking approximately 22–35 drinks per week.

Soy Isoflavone Extract Does Not Increase the Intoxicating Effects of Acute Alcohol Ingestion in Human Volunteers

Along with easing uncomfortable symptoms, estrogen can help prevent bone loss after menopause. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, kudzu root can be used for lots of health purposes. Some common applications include treating fevers and easing symptoms of diabetes. Now kudzu’s popularity is also picking up in the Western world as a wellness supplement. You can find kudzu root supplements easily online and in a variety of natural food or supplement stores. Anecdotal sources also note that kudzu root may lower blood sugar too much or slow down blood clotting. Nevertheless, it may be a good idea to avoid if you use blood thinning or diabetes medications.

  • Excessive alcohol consumption is a leading cause of illness worldwide (Shield et al., 2013) and has a significant impact on the health of millions people.
  • Declinol is blended formula developed by one of us consisting of a number of key ingredients such as Kudzu, Bitter Herbs and Bupleurum and other herbals .
  • Of course, it’s up to the individual to ensure that he or she doesn’t use this as an excuse to fall off the wagon.
  • It’s best to speak with your healthcare provider to determine whether kudzu root could interact with any medications you’re taking.

This lack of bitter flavor ingestion compromises not only overall health, but may allow for a greater risk of alcohol intake. The bitter compounds contained in Declinol can promote better health overall, while also helping to better ensure that the TAS2R receptors in the human gut are stimulated adequately. Chai hu , one of the most frequently used herbs in Chinese herbal medicine, has positive benefits in cases of liver toxicity especially due to alcoholism , analgesic properties as well as sedative activity . Declinol is blended formula developed by one of us consisting of a number of key ingredients such as Kudzu, Bitter Herbs and Bupleurum and other herbals . The primary indication of this complex and the pilot study described in this article involve Declinol’s effect in alcoholism.

Saffron: A Promising Herbal Treatment of ADHD

Synthetic versions of this selective ALDH-2 inhibitor are being investigated as potential medications to suppress relapse in abstinent alcoholics. More clinical trials will need to be conducted to better understand the efficacy of kudzu extracts or synthetic variants for treatment of alcohol dependence. Participants were randomized on a blind basis to receive either 4 capsules of the extract or placebo 2.5 hours before the start of an afternoon drinking session. This pretreatment time was selected based on our pharmacokinetic study of puerarin absorption and elimination (Penetar et al., 2006). L-glutamine is another great supplement for anyone trying to reduce their alcohol consumption.

If you have any questions about using kudzu recovery for alcoholism, please leave them in the comment box below. In my opinion, the Planetary Herbals brand is a great option for someone who has not yet quit drinking, and who wants to try pure kudzu powder on its own. Because my drinking levels were so stupendously high in the first place, kudzu did not turn me into a moderate drinker by any stretch of the imagination.

Natural Antioxidants in Dementia

While the literature seems to support an effect of Kudzu and especially isoflavonoid constituents to suppress ethanol intake in animal models, in contrast, Shebek and Rindone were unable to reproduce this effect in humans. Specifically, in a prospective, randomized, double-blind controlled clinical trial they found no difference between Kudzu and placebo after a one month treatment period in either reducing alcohol craving and or promoting sobriety.

kudzu root for alcohol cravings

The results support the basis that Puerariae Flos or its combination drugs is used in a traditional medicinal system for counteraction to drinking, however, further investigation is necessary. There only one point I’d like to make, craving happens only after the drink or drug is in the system and it’s physical. Obsession to take the drink is the mind’s area, this time will be different, I’ll only have one , it’s been a long time, and thing are different now, all the reasons or in my case lies my mind tells me it is safe to use. The mental health of children and young people with some long term physical conditions could benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy , according to a recent study.